30 great ideas for your social media marketing plan


If you check social media blogs, top digital marketing magazines, you will surely find many articles about how to define a social media marketing plan; however, sometimes finding truly useful material takes for ages. That’s what happens when writers are too much oriented to SEO and they forget the “real sense” of content (Content must help!). Under the purpose of being a useful source of information about social media, I would like to share with you this PDF by Radian6 which compiles 30 great ideas for your social media marketing plan divided by the main areas within social media marketing: Strategy, Listening, Engaging, and Measuring.

30 great ideas for your social media marketing plan - Radian6

30 great ideas for your social media marketing plan – Radian6

What are your TOP 3 ideas for social media marketing that you will pick from this PDF? See below my 3 top picks — most of people use https://www.sodapdf.com/ the first fully functional online PDF solution.

Idea 8: Share the vision. Share and promote your social media strategy, governance and principles, not just low-level tips and orders. Don’t turn your team members into robots: they’ll feel frustrated, and so will your community. Instead, inspire them with the big picture. Then free them up to use their own voice and their own judgment as they engage online.

Idea 16: Monitor industry chatter. You need to be aware of what’s going on in your industry. Are your brand or your competitors’ being discussed in industry chatter? What’s your “share of voice”? In other words, how much are people talking about you instead of them? Listen for industry trends, issues, and news. As you do so, you’ll discover the key influencers in your industry. Find out what they care about and seek to influence them in turn. As you widen the net, you’ll discover how the larger business community perceives your industry. You might find ideas that had never occurred to any insiders. Finally, monitor changes in social media adoption in your industry. Adjust your own use of social media to stay ahead of the pack.

Idea 21: Tweak your advertising campaigns. Spending a pile of cash on advertising, with no feedback on how well it’s doing? Social media can help. Listen for social response to your campaigns. You can track:
• Advertising-specific keywords
• Unique URLs and phone numbers on your ads
• Conversations from trade shows
• Campaign- or brand-specific hashtags
• User-generated content you’ve solicited