I hate Traditional CVs, welcome to NEW CV Experience!


Dear Hiring Manager, How are you?

I know it is not wise starting a sentence with negativity, but I am sorry sir, I HATE TRADITIONAL CVS, don’t you?

Usually, the goal of someone who is actively looking for a job is being hired. That is true, but even so, they forget something. The first step inmediately before sending your CV is to make sure it will not go directly to the wastepaper basket. Maybe hiring managers love basketball, but me I prefer football (or soccer).

I have decided not to send a traditional CV anymore… What is the value of a page of paper or an attached document?

I believe in EXPERIENCES, I prefer talking about INTERACTIVITY, CREATIVITY, HUMAN COMMUNCATION, don’t you?

In the image below you will discover another way to apply for a job.

ENJOY IT and if you like it, just propose me an interview. I will accept with pleasure.

If you are not a hiring manager, but you like it, be SUPPORTIVE and do not hesitate in share my CV on facebook, twitter and anywhere, maybe some of your collegues are interested.

Thanks you in advance.

I am looking forward to hearing from you…

Pd: I keep fighting aganist Traditional CVs. Support the cause here

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