The first Billboard which Creates Drinking Water, Peru


Marketers, creatives, account people, etc. We all work day to day in agencies, offices and many times we don’t look beyond of what we do. It seems that Communications and Marketing are there just to develop people’s needs and make them pay more for products they’ve never thought about. However, and fortunately, things are changing for the better 🙂

Yesterday I got impacted by this amazing campaign and idea that is happening in Lima, Peru. Mayo DraftFCB and The University of Engineering and Technology have built the first-ever billboard to capture air humidity and turn it into potable drinking water in Lima, the second largest desert capital in the world.

To be honest, seeing these sort of campaigns is what make you feel proud of working in this industry. Congrats to DraftFCB and the University because every single detail of the idea makes totally sense. Big ideas usually come from a right research and a suitable insight identification.

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Billborad Potable Water Generator

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