Customers VS Fans/Followers


How to convert Facebook fans and Twitter followers into customers is nowadays the most important discussion in marketing and sales departments.

How attract fans and followers – Social media marketing

It looks like social media consultant and specialist know the way to attract fans and followers. But, what about the strategy to tranform then in “real” customers? I think that’s the point today.

Studies and reports about the value of Facebook fans and Twitter followers

Even we have already some good studies about the value of fans, followers, etc. like Syncapse report. Nevertheless, we used to meet with the following situation.

Intersection Consutling bring us some points in order to measure friends, fans or followers:

How measure friends, fans and followers acquisition

* Measure active fans vs. totals. What percentage are active? Establish a baseline so you can gauge growth.

* Define which fan activities are important and how they connect back to business objectives. Social media engagement connected to sales funnel activity might be the ultimate example – but other less linear ROI engagement can also be important For example, understanding the value of awareness building activities like retweets, mentions, shared content, etc.

* Set objectives around fan activity and experiment (and A/B test) tactics, content, etc. to see if any patterns develop.

* Bridge online/offline – Try to Connect social media fan activity with measurable in-store behaviour

The problem on social media marketing practices

I think the main problem is due to CEO’s short-term vision. I mean, fans, followers and friends must be seen as communication activity. It’s not about reactivity, but proactivity. We have to leave the thought every fan is going to buy everything, everytime, everywhere. Nevertheless, we should think is important to build a strong community, adding value constantly and try to generate valuable content for them. Because, when they really will need something, notoriety will be already built, so we only will have to work on sales as promotions, discounts, cross-selling, etc.

Listen first, sell second (Stephen A. Giglio) or maybe better, Conversate first, sell second should be on the center of any marketing strategy.

Generating and mantaining conversation mean cost, but also means an investment because we were working on relationships building, so sells will be easier.

I think the problem is we aren’t appreciating the real value to building a community. Let’s think of Apple, Starbucks, Jeep, etc. And maybe we will undertand it.

I guess the problem is not about sales management or social media effectiveness , but marketing approach.

“Advertising is the price you pay for not realizing the value of building your passionate tribe”Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

“Nowadays, Communitaction should deal with PUBLICITY rather than ADVERTISING”

Let’s work in real social media metrics (Ex. Fans vs active fans), and we won’t have to justify why 1,000 fans doesn’t generate any sell.

Hi to all passionates of marketing…