Facebook’s top 20 brands and campaigns


Everybody in the world is on Facebook is a fact. That very few are doing it right is too.

Surfing the web I found this pretty cool list of brands doing right on Facebook that I would like to share with you. The good point here is the fact that these campaigns / actions have been picked by Facebook juries. Well, let’s be right, for juries selected by Facebook to run this competition meaning no people who actually work on Facebook but professionals coming from the big creative agencies.

Facebook Studio  Judges 2013

Facebook Studio Judges 2013

https://www.pnh.ca/en/ created the list of the top brands. As expected, some excelent social brands are there like OREO, NIKE OR P&G. Enjoy and leave your comments!

Facebook's top brands 2013

Facebook’s top brands 2013

I would recommend you to take a look of these to get some inspiration. Something that I’ve found particulary interesting is the fact that all the brands include a “Campaign Performance” section which showcases the achievements, metrics and KPI’s,

Best metrics and KPI for Facebook

Best metrics and KPI for Facebook

What’s your favourite campaign? I loved many of them but I found this one very simple and high engaging!