Guerrilla Low Cost by McDonald’s


Guerrilla marketing was born as a cheaper media alternative than traditional advertising, trying to generate impact using creativity under the ad space purchase.

McDonald’s brings to us a really amazing guerrilla low cost campaign under the concept “Everyone saves for something”.

It’s incredible how creativity can make us save a lot money. Actually, the idea is investing our ressources in order to find a viral concept instead of spending our budget on media space purchase. I think that’s the key of new marketing.

I’m loving it, because the campaign is talking about customer benefits instead of product features. McDonald’s propose a very interesting advertising concept “Mc Donald’s represents a chance to save money to buy whatever you really wish”.

McDonald’s is not talking about them, they are talking about customer needs and desires, and that’s the point. It has be the first step in order to create a buzzing marketing campaign. Dont’ forget it!

Advertiser: Mc Donalds
Agency: DDB
Country: Hungría

Via: Godsavethebrief