How easy is to delete your account on Facebook – The Social Roulette


That Facebook is the smartest is probably one of the most holy truths I’ve ever heard. It’s known that deleting a FB account is not as easy as it should be. Facebook doesn’t want to lose any of its billion users. This means great Advertising incomes and it took also some time to build it up.

This morning, an amazing new app showed up but it was killed by Facebook after few hours. I’m taking about Social Roulette : 1 in 6 chance of deleting your account. What are you afraid of?

How to delete your Facebook Account Social Roulette

How to delete your Facebook Account Social Roulette

Anti-Facebook feelings are growing as a consequence of the BLUE domination. I think Social Roulette was the perfect way to do it from a fun perspective 🙂 hence play a game. Actually, right after I saw the app, I thought that, probably, inviting brands to join by providing with products or prizes could be such a great business idea. Obvisouly, not all the brand might be interested in it, but what about “Extreme” brands like Red Bull?

Facebook hasn’t doubted a second and has denied the access to its API – As simple as that! Social Roulette and its dream is over or might be NOT!

As The Next Web has written, here are the main causes of this decision from Facebook.

Facebook’s terms ad verbatim, there is debate as to whether allowing deactivation automatically is considered circumvention of Facebook’s limitations on its features. Facebook doesn’t want anyone interfering with deactivations apart from users themselves.

While there are no written terms against an app deactivating accounts, the last thing a business wants is to lose customers, especially in an automatic way. It would come as no surprise were Facebook to add a special clause in its terms in the near future.

In any case, thanks guys from bringing to life this awesome idea!