How to Integrate SOCIAL MEDIA within an organisation – Infographic + Research


Social media integration is one of the top “To Dos” and challenges that companies, but also agencies, have pending on their agendas. Perfectly aligned to that, I’ve founded this great research by InSites Consulting this morning and I couldn’t wait to share it 🙂

How to integrate social media research

Even though the research has only been run in US and UK and the sample is not very representative (400 senior marketing managers), the results are pretty interesting. I will actually highlight the following:

– Brands are investing more resources on largest social networks (E.g Facebook) than on “niche” ones. After Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube close the circle.
My thought: Well, companies have been seeing Social Media as a new marketing channel, so they might go for the hub where the mass audience is (Reminiscence of traditional marketing 🙂 )

– 40% of companies are still in the early stages of integration of social media. 14% of companies affirm having social media fully integrated.
My thought:: fully integrated is a big word.

– Adoption of social networks is high, but integration is still low.
My thought:: Adoption is always the first step to integrate so no surprises here.

– Social media integration leads to more satisfied customer.
My thought:: The question is then – Why do marketers know about it but they are still doubting on integrate and adopt social media? I would say, the majority of them are afraid of potential communication crisis.

– LinkedIn is more relevant for B2B companies. Twitter remains the same for both B2B and B2C.
My thought:: LinkedIn is the top professional social network while Twitter can be used for both approaches.

– Service companies tend to use more social networks than product companies a exception of YouTube.
My thought:: I might think, this is due to the fact YouTube is more similar than TV commercials where marketers feel more comfortable. On the other hand, service companies are usually more likely to look for valuable feedback because they sell basically interactions 🙂

– Lead generation is still the most valuable performance indicator.
My thought:: This is comprehensible when we look to marketing goals and because engagement is still a new area, so many companies haven’t defined strategic goals for it yet.

– The main barriers to integrate social media seem to be: Lack of top management support (which is normal because they are not on social networks yet, so they don’t see the value ( Social media marketing Myopia); no fit with product offering (that’s pretty curious, because there are conversations about any product) and no clear financial results (which is normal if you don’t invest resources in measuring your social media efforts – ROI)
My thought:: See above in brackets.

– 28% of companies in USA and UK have a dedicated person / team assigned to integrate social media in their organization.
My thought:: This is a optimistic point and probably one this job will be one of the most well paid position soon 🙂 . We have HR, we have finance, we have… So, why not Social media integration manager? 🙂 People and culture are wildly growing as a relevant values for companies performance so…

How to integrate social media infographic

Social-Media Integration Infographic Resarch

Social-Media Integration Infographic Resarch