Best practice of how to use “Featured” Photos on Facebook pages


Many brands are using Facebook pages as a main social media channel but not many of them are using all the features or possibilities that Facebook brings on its pages.

I’m sure if you ask social media managers if they are using Facebook apps, Facebook Questions, Facebook Insights, etc. You will have a quite positive answer. But, How many brands are using the “featured” photos we find on the header (right above the wall) of Facebook pages?

Surfing again, looking for new ideas and best practices, I found this simple but interesting use of these “featured photos”.

featured photos facebook

How to optimise featuted photos on Facebook

Basically, Contiki has uploaded 5 adjusted-photos of the top 5 section of its website. Then, once you click on it, you will see a description of the web section plus the corresponding link. Awesome and simple, isn’t it?

Feel free to share any other best practices you could have found for these “featured” photos on Facebook 🙂

Update 09/20/2011 – As it should be, abrand doing well in social media is a brand which listen and monitor what people is saying about it and act! Again, congrats Contiki!

Contiki thanking me on Twitter

Contiki thanking me on Twitter