List of Infographic sites to publish Infographics


Many brands, agencies and designers are creating cool infographics to reach its customers and engage with influencers. Actually, we can find amazing works but the question beyond creation is Where can I send my infographic to be published and increase my SEO, Link Building and Awareness?. Under this purpose I’ve collected this list of interesting sites which usually publish infographics:

The top in class site to publish and find infographics

Probably one if the top sites with more than 11K feedburner readers

Quite relevant site but with an once fee $10 charge. You only have to pay one and then you will be able to publish as many infographic you want.

Your daily dose of Infographics!

Free submission of Infographics

If the image is not embedded at 600 px wide, your submission will not be used.

Another important tumblr blogs with free submission of infographics

Posterous version of, mainly focused on Social media and online marketing.

Great infographics tell a story with data, beautifully. Whether about French Generals or social media marketing, the best infographics tell you something you don’t know in an aesthetically pleasing way.

A great compilation of infographic from one of the top news sites.

A site with a design between Google and a Wiki with more than 300,000 infographics already compiled.

Cool Tumblr infographics

Among the top 5 sites and created by Killer Infographics

The Only Place Where You Will Find The Best Infographics!

More focus on video but accepting normal infographics as well.

Very relevant site from UK

Collection of the best infographics on the web

One of the leading blog resources on the Internet, showcasing the latest and best infographics

19 –
They mainly create infographic but you can also contact them to send your work

20 –
Simple collection if infographics with free submit.

They offer free submission but also garanteed submission with an extra charge

Collection of the best infographics & data visualization on the Web! Infographic Showcase charges a $100 fee to post an infographic with our review. We allow 2 lifetime links to be included with the infographic submission with your choice of keywords in the links.

Started as a personal resource than anything else, I want somewhere public to put infographics that I find interesting for whatever reason.

OMGInfographics is your resource for infographics, charts and graphs that are OMGtastically cool, funny, and inspiring.

Not only for Infographics, Chartporn is an addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys — on topics from around the world.

Site focus on social media, SEO or Tech based

By this way, I would recommend you to post your infographics on sites like Pinterest, Slideshare, LinkedIn groups and Scribd. If you are still creating it, check this tools and free resources to create great infographics

Good luck! I hope this post might help you with your Infographic Distribution 🙂


27 – Visual Loop
With almost 22.000 infographics from all over the world, and featured on great sites like The Next Web, SEOmoz, PSFK and many others.