Social media predictions for 2011


“Openning of the offical information, Facebook leadership and business, Social CRM, Search – Social – Offline Integration, and engagement as a main KPI”


1- Social media will grow in influence and initiatives associated with the openess of the official stuff. Social media will take part on the fight for freedom. Wikileaks is just the beginning.

2- Facebook will become the leader in all countries. Will be the year in which Facebook develops its business model further away than Facebook ads. Facebook Pages, including new functionalities, will free anymore for companies. In 2010, They have already removed the boxes in columns (as they were operating as free banners).

3- Twitter will be the fastest growing for another consecutive year and will be a crucial year for Foursquare.

4- Google will launch a strong iniative to compete against Facebook. This year will be crucial, this year or never.

5- A new social network or social initiative will show up this year and it will change the course of the industry again. After social was Geolocation.

6- We will see an integration between digital and offline ( Death Digital , Facebook Tester Diesel, Carlsberg and its festivals, Gold Run , etc.). The marketing efforts will focus on connecting these 2 worlds. Agencies will realize that it is the easiest way to get viral and involve the target.

7- Social media will be fully integrated on online searchs (Social Search). SEO’s will have even more work.

8- Social CRM will rise as one of the biggest concerns of business, taking more control ofthe community management tasks.

9- There will be a population boom +60 (advanced seniors) in social networks, looking for socializing after work loss due to retirement. Attention to this target, it will have much time and average purchasing power willing to spending on leisure, comfort and new adventures are not experienced in youth.

10- The Engagement will be consolidated as a metric. We will see it in the media plans and KPIs on marketing departments. Within this scenario, I hope it is finally the year that tools like PostRank succeed and imposing its model as a standard.

11- The majority of social networks will base its freemium model offering analytical service. This is an important input to both agencies and companies are looking for. It is a precious commodity that it costs much time and effort to collect and standardize with other data. Some of them have already begun as Slideshare.

Basically, the keywords forsocial media predictions for 2011 will turn around: Wikileaks, Social CRM, Engagement, Social Shopping, Social Ecommerce, Apple TV, Integration, Mobility, Social media policy, Social Search, Facebook payment.

What are your predictions for social media 2011? ..Got some extra idea has not been said?

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