Top Online Marketing Trends


Online marketing is now a dominant aspect of the total marketing matrix. There is now so much business and websites that sell, that is being generated through internet traffic. The number of transactions that are being completed online has increased but the real growth is in the number total new clients.

The lovely thing about the business climate prevailing at the moment is that anyone has a shot at being the next big thing. One of the primary reasons for this is the ever-changing technology. There is always some new technology that will help sellers to convince buyers, just like jackpotscasino online casino is so updated with technology.

The other major reason is changing trends. There are quite a lot of things that have remained the same over the ages; online marketing is not one of them. Marketing, whether online or anywhere else, is a very dynamic enterprise.

Marketing Trends for 2018

Presentation Of Products

There has never been a time when there have been so many formats to visually present yourself and your product to the world. Besides the traditional still picture and video formats, there are now two other very fascinating ways to show your products, so using the right GMB photos can really improve your site and you can learn to do it with this article on using GMB photos from Local Viking. These include 360° images and Virtual Reality. Contrary to what many people think these tools have got very rewarding uses outside the online casinos such as and social media hubs.

Holistic Approach

To get the traffic that generates leads it is very important that the entire team, not just individual divisions like IT and marketing, be part of the planning process, and using resources like a digital signage solution could be great to market your products. In 2017 it became apparent that online marketing campaigns that were the product of a “cross-division” brainstorming yielded better results.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning has been around for several years. However, this is the first time that artificial intelligence has been practically available to the general public. Some of the top online applications of AI are naturally in the business world.

There algorithms that will help companies handle Customer Support more efficiently. Called ChatBots, these systems are available 24/7 to answer most of the basic queries. And every time the bot interacts with a customer it learns from the experience thus improving its performance.