Twitter vs Weibo – Differences


Even though the weibo is similar to the western Twitter, there are several differences to consider:

1) For Twitter, the replies and comments appear independently in the feed. On a Weibo, they are listed under the entry, like a traditional blog. Therefore, an entire discussion around a specific entry can be seen in one place.

2) While Twitter recently launched so called “verified accounts” for brand and celebrities, they are a pre requisite for marketing via a weibo. When verified, a “v” will appear in the user’s weibo entry, signaling that there are commercial interests behind the weibo.

3) In China, the microblogs are connected to other platforms with a huge number of users. This gives the weibos automatic exposure to a much bigger audience. The connection to the other, older platforms also guarantees acceptance from the government.

4) The weibo offers a more elegant solution when sharing pictures and videos. The visual attachments can easily be viewed without leaving the weibo page, something that has proved very valuable for marketers.

5) In general, there is more interaction on a weibo compared to a Twitter account. In China, weibo users regularly comment on brand- and celebrity accounts.

6) For navigation and search, the portal pages of weibos are more comprehensive than that of Twitter. There is a lot of
information listed for marketers to use, such as how popular certain weibos are, how to find weibos that treat specific
topics etc.

twitter vs weibo differences

twitter vs weibo differences

Source: Eastwei Msl