Who is TRULY the new 2019 consumer?


Let me tell you about their journey and WHY they do it rather than defining who they are. Read the full article; it comes with a marketing masterclass at the end.

This person wakes up in the morning with an analog alarm-clock featuring a lavender diffuser. They take a slow shower and brush their teeth with a compostable toothbrush.

They have an organic tea from Cambodia, do 10 minutes of meditation using calm.com or Headspace and walk their dog while listening to the latest Social Change or entrepreneurship podcast. After doing their 16/8 intermittent fasting, they have an Açai bowl for breakfast. It’s all about the morning routine.

They put their Allbirds shoes on and go to WeWork or work remotely. They work for a Certified B Corporation as a wellness corporate lead or social mission manager. On the side, they have recently launched their own Start UP with a cool friend who is now a Yoga teacher and works for a non-profit. Something they never forget is protecting their eyes with Barners (anti-blue-light glasses).

They like reading Thrive Global or mindbody green but don’t check @twitter because they don’t care about Donald Trump and Haters. They are single but rich in relationships, sometimes quick ones as they consider themselves sexually fluid.

They like wearing comfortable clothes like a Yoga outfit. And, they don’t relate to traditional shoes. They are more about @biodegradable sneakers like @suavs or @cariuma or some flip-flops handmade in Mexico or Guatemala. For lunch, they grab something quick but healthy on the go, often with a kale juice.

It’s 4 pm and they leave work and head to Whole Foods where they have dinner, too. There, they buy a nice little plant, drink kombucha and write a journal of gratitude. Only mental age matters. It’s all about how they feel and how they embrace things around them. Fitness is old fashioned, now it’s all about holistic health and how body and mind are connected and in balance with each other and Earth.

They walk home to keep a 0 carbon footprint, leave their smartphone in a Bagby, meditate again and have a light Paleo dinner. It’s about, 8 pm. they watch the latest climate change documentary or a film “in original version” on Hulu. It’s time to sleep. They read for 10 min and do an “I’m thankful for” routine exercise.

Now the question is… Does this person truly exist? It doesn’t matter, because how marketers define a target audience has nothing to do with real-life but with that person, people want to be. This is your marketing masterclass.