And the winner of Suarez’s bite best RTM campaign is….



I saw thousands of memes and Real Time Marketing campaigns, some good, some not that great and I can tell you this one below is my favourite by far…

Best suarez meme

Best suarez meme

Why this is the best Suarez’s bite Real Time Marketing campaign?

– It’s very italian as the brand is… Barilla represents the mass market of Italian pasta
– It uses 11 macarroni = 11 players and one has been bitten. Guess who? 🙂 Chiellini!
– The piece is totally on brand, it feels like any other Barilla advertisement or social media post
– It has a # to guide the audience as that this is for Calcio (Football) fans

What do you think? What it’s your favourite Real Time Marketing piece about Suarez?

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