The best digital campaigns of 2012


I love this moment of the year because you can find great compilations with the best videos, campaigns, brands, etc.. I used to prepare mine but this year has been a busy year so I haven’t had time. I will try to prepare something soon though. Again, our “Pote” Greg has prepared this cool compilation of the best viral videos of 2012. I like the way he linked the campaign and videos with the outcomes and ingredients to try to explain their success. You might also visit the PPT I prepared 3 years ago about how to create viral campaigns. Here is Greg work. It’s awesome as usual

By the way, I’m happy to see that there is one campaign from Thailand! Indeed, this is a must be in any of these great compilations.

I do really like the Mass customization run by Coke and everything related to the idea or transparency and truth (Mc Donalds and Bodyform). What’s your favourite campaign? Is there any great viral campaign missing? Leave your comment.