Social Media in Asia Pacific: 5 of the Best Campaigns


Australian consumers spend more time on social media than any other nationality (over 7 hours per month on average) and the rest of Asia Pacific isn’t far behind (Nielsen report). With such high adoption, it’s no surprise that a number of APAC companies are creatively leveraging social media to engage consumers. Here are 5 top social media campaigns from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China.

1. Tooheys 5 Seeds’ Scavenger Hunt: To launch 5 Seeds cider, Lion Nathan used Facebook and Twitter to organize a hunt for giant apples hidden around Sydney. The campaign combined real-world posters and online ads to drive consumers to a Facebook page that provided clues, photos of fans who found the apples, and daily prizes. The “Apple Hunt” recruited 3,000 fans in two weeks and the Facebook page now boasts around 7,000 fans. I like it because: it cleverly blurred online and offline advertising and created a steady stream of new content (daily clues, photo updates, prizes) to maintain consumer engagement.

2. Zuji Singapore’s Reverse Auctions: Every Monday to Friday, from noon onwards, Zuji Singapore (an online travel agency) runs a reverse auction on airfares and hotels via Facebook and Twitter. Bidders can watch as prices fall by the second, waiting for the perfect price and hoping to snag the deal before a competing bidder does. I like it because: it creates riveting excitement around Facebook/Twitter promotions.

3. Adidas Originals’ House Party: To celebrate Adidas Originals’ 60th anniversary, the brand helped Australian and Kiwi consumers plan house parties at which guests dressed up in Adidas Originals. The campaign also included a digital game that allowed consumers to experiment with unusual costumes and dancing. Thousands of consumers attended parties and the site received 50,000 unique visitors who spent over 13 minutes each on the site. I like it because: it tapped into consumers’ shared values of creative self-expression and party-loving, thus elevating above and beyond the product to drive deeper engagement.

4. Air New Zealand’s Foursquare Rewards: In addition to its “Airpoints Fairy” Twitter account (which grants Airpoints members one wish per day e.g., free tickets/upgrades), Air NZ also allows uses Foursquare to boost customer engagement. Customers can use their smart phones to check in at Air NZ terminals/lounges and collect awards for their visits. The most frequent visitor becomes ‘Mayor’ and is eligible for special offers, such as a Koru Lounge pass or Airpoints Dollars. I like it because: it creates a reason for regular brand engagement while also encouraging customers to share experience.

5. Unilever’s Launch of Pond’s Age Miracle Moisturizer: To launch Pond’s Age Miracle moisturizer in China, Unilever got 150 consumers to trial the product (in a blind test) and blog about their experiences. The result was hundreds of gushing posts about the mystery cream during the week-long trial, plus a new set of long-term brand advocates following the trial. I like it because: it energized China’s influential blogger community by creating an element of mystery (the brand name was kept secret during the trial), but also committing to openness (bloggers were free to post both positive and negative experiences).

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Source: marketingleadershiproundtable – Anna Bird