How many of my followers are fake / Inactive on Twitter


Guess how many fake and inactive users are following you? Would you like to know how many of your Twitter followers don’t contribute to your “real” influence?

Surfing the web again I’ve found this pretty interesting tool which basically gives you an overview of how many of your followers (%) are fake, inactive or good. Here is my test…

How many fake followers I have on Twitter

Fake Twitter Follower Check

Something that is very cool is the fact that you can actually check any account you know. I mean, you don’t have to be the admin of the account to be able to get the results.

I think this tool could be helpful for any social media manager to:

– Understand how healthy is your follower base on Twitter.
– For new clients, it can give you a clue on how “professional” was the previous agency that was managing the given Twitter handle.
– Set up a KPI for a better balanced Twitter account. For instance, we can say decrease INACTIVE followers down to 10% and clean up every FAKE account following us.

Check the tool here

What do you think about this tool Status People? How accurate do you think this is?