How much does a Facebook share cost – 3.23 $


Online ticketing site Eventbrite has updated numbers on the value of social media shares and presented them in this wondrous infographic.

The results are quite cool:

$3.23 = Dollar Value Per Share—the average value of the additional tickets sold through this share (up from $1.78 in 2010).

Twitter $1.85/share (up from $0.43 in 2010)
Facebook $4.15/share (up from $2.52 in 2010)
LinkedIn $0.92/share (up from $0.90 in 2010)

17 = Visits/share (up from 7 in 2010)

Facebook 14 visits/share (up from 11 in 2010)
Twitter 33 visits/share
LinkedIn 10 visits per share

Even if the results are a not totally representative (It’s just for one industry and company, FB shares worth more than a FB like and it’s done in only 4 countries) the research provides with interesting insights. The cool point is the intend to link social media down to the social funnel and understand how social media ROI can be measured.

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