How social influence work – #Infographic #socialinfluence


How Are people Influenced online is one of the top questions many social media marketers are trying to find out. Under this purpose, I found this interesting infographic which takes us to 3 main points:

– The history of influence. Don’t underestimate the power of the traditional Tupper ware meetings 🙂

The two thinking schools of Influence – Gladweel VS Matts – Uber Influencers VS Peer Influencers. I consider both are winners because the situation used to be lead by Top influencers (bloggers) and now thanks to the raise of social networks, it looks like more Peer to Peer influencers.

– Peer to Peer Recommendations as the most important channel to increase sales.

I would also like to highlight this great quote from Joe Tripodi, CMO at Coca Cola.

Who Are the Real Online Influencers

Advocay key for sales

 SOCIAL influence marketing infographic

SOCIAL influence marketing infographic

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Source : CrowdTap