How storytelling can enhance digital projects


Surfing the net and checking Slideshare, one of the most incredible knowledge base on Internet, I found this amazing presentation about the art of Storytelling.

I really love it because we can find some important and inspiring examples about how important is the story we should create around a brand. It’s no longer about a message, but a powerful story. Stories are stronger than traditional advertising messages because, people are willing to engage and connect with a global story where they can feel and get involved. Stories motivate and inspire people to action.

We have to create a perfect balance between CONTENT (What), CONTEXT (Where, When, Who) and CONVERSATION (The Consequence, the goal and the King). So, the question is… How can I get closer Content & Context to achieve Conversation? Here is the Strategy (How). But, trust me, invest your time and budget in creating an amazing STORY (Content) within a right PLACE and AUDIENCE (Context) and Conversation will rise naturally. That’s the most powerful buzz, the ORGANIC BUZZ.

On the other hand, I fully agree with the idea that we can learn a lot from these two industries, The Filmmaking and Game Design.

Thank StorYbeats for this amazing presentation. I’m sure you are gonna increase your awareness very quick 馃槈

I hope you enjoyed!

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