How The EdgeRank works? Increase Facebook engagement


Facebook Algorithm is defined by 3 factors: Affinity, Weight and Decay. If you want to increase engagement on Facebook, the first thing you should do is understanding how EdgeRank works

Facebook algorithm edgerank

Edge Affinity – It´s all about Connections

The Affinity score is measured by the relationship you have with the user that created the “edge.” The more interconnected you are, the higher the Affinity score. If you have a large number of Friends that Like a similar Page, it is more likely that this content will arise in your newsfeed.

Edge Weight – Are Photos too Heavy for Newsfeeds?

There are two Weight types: post and interactions. EdgeRank takes the Weight of posts into account by determining whether the post is a photo, video, link, or text only status update. Regarding the Weight of interactions, Shares and Comments require more from a user than a simple “Like”, and therefore they are more heavily weighted and reach more users.

See how the reach of different post types has decreased in September 2012 and discover which one has surprisingly reached the most users in newsfeeds here.

Time Decay – Engagement Occurs Within Minutes

An old story is a dead story. Facebook does not chronologically order “edges”, however, it does factor in Time to the algorithm. When we collect engagement data in Analytics PRO, we see that the vast majority of engagement occurs within minutes after a post is published

Source: SocialBakers