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A lot of people like to complain about their experiences on major web platforms such as Facebook and actually we can find already some article talking about Facebook Ads bots and so. There are 2 main articles that have been buzzing lately. We have one call “Startup Claims 80% Of Its Facebook Ad Clicks Are Coming From Bots” featured in TechCrunch and another one titled “Stung By Click Fraud Allegations, Facebook Reveals How It’s Fighting Back” which has been published in Forbes.

As some of you might know, I’ve opened my own Fashion online store in Singapore so I decided to investigate about this topic and make my own conclusions.

Basicially, La Sambuca Lifestyle provides you with a selection of quality apparel and clothing for both men and women from mainly Europe. The differentiator is that all the products are originally handcrafted in an specific european city, they come from small and quality manufacturers (So it serves as a marketing platform to export quality brand who might not think about it or don’t have the resources or expertise to do it) and each product has a story behind.

Buy Quality Sunglasses made in Italy in Singapore

In any case and focusing on the main topic who made me write this article, as you can see at the bottom right of the image above or visiting my European online store in Singapore, I use Zopim which is mainly a online chat service which allows you to chat to your customers online but also to see in real time what they are looking, purchasing, etc. This is a great tool to improve customer service but above all to learn and understand in real time what your visitors want or to identify issues within the purchase funnel. Isn’t it what every marketer would dream of?

So, through this tool you are able to see in real time the origin or source of your visitors (source, operating system, country, brower, previous visits and chats, etc.) which is great to analise the performance of your ads.

We mainly target Singapore as a country a part of other countries such as Hong Kong, Australia or Malaysia, but in generally 80% of our ads goes to the economy booming country. This below can be an example of a normal day.

Last Wednesday (September 26th) I decided to increase the budget for one of the campaign to get more visitors. As you will see below, the campaign name is MENORCA 79 and is fully Singapore targeted.

What it happened was pretty unreal. Instead of receiving visitors from the targeted country (Singapore) I started to receive crazy traffic from (Curiosly form The US and more specifically from Palo Alto 🙂 )

Facebook ads bots proof

In fact, if you look in detail you can see how these visitors are actually coming for the specific FB ads campaign targeting Singapore (MENORCA 79)

If we go deeper and click in one of these Facebook bots you also will se that the host is Unknow 🙂

How to detect Facebook ads bots proof Zopim

Now, you might be wondering how we can detect these Facebook bots, What’s the pattern?

The answer is simple, increase the campaign budget when the day is almost to finish (so Facebook cannot probably cover all the ads) and you will se how these Facebook bots from Palo Alto will appear.

Again, I’m actually a Facebook fan and I think they have been doing things greatly but when it comes to reveal bad practices, I think we all should help each other and bring them up.

I hope you might enjoy this article.