How to create an amazing “Product” campaign – Other´s people pain pils


I love this campaign! This advertising campaign is different!

Usually, we think advertising has nothing to do with product, but only with communication. By this way, let´s take our time and start thinking in advertising as a way to influence people to act in a given way. Seth Godin said ¨Create products worth to talk about¨, but what about creating a product to be the channel of your communication campaign and that also represents the main benefit of the target audience? This is the campaign concept that Germinal Comunicacion, an Spanish agency has proposed for Medicos sin fronteras.

Other´s people pain pils

The result is as amazing as the concept – Other´s people pain pils!

Pastillas Contra el dolor ajeno. El Caso. Inglés from Germinal Comunicación on Vimeo.

To be honest, I think this campaign represents the perfect way of how to take the advertising to the next level by integrating a product as a media and by putting advertising beyond the simple objective of awareness.

I saw some other similar examples of great advertising such us the Kelly finders (Shackleton), but unfortunatelly, agencies are not ready yet to think beyond advertising. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready because communication should integrate the product as the main communicator, but also be able to influence behaviours (actions, for example take the pils) further away than simple TV commercials impacts.

What If creating “fake” products to generate better impact and influence people to act was the new role of advertising? This is a great example of how to think different!