Promote Your Page Posts and the visibility rate on Facebook


Facebook, I love you! I’m amazed of how you are doing things!

I remember the quote “ Google will be the new Microsoft and Facebook the new Google”… So far, so true!

Facebook presents its new feature called Promoted posts” for pages. Basically, this is something like the “Promoted Tweets” and sort of an evolution of the Sponsored Stories. The main difference is that these promoted post will show on the news feeds so it will be integrated withing the content. If you remember, Sponsored stories are kind of hybrid between “Promoted tweets” and the standard facebook ads; they just show on the right and not as a part of the content.

So basically, Facebook is looking forward to make your posts more visible, that way, you as a brand, have only to care about creating great content. “You focus on creating engaging content on your newly designed Page, while we ensure that your fans see the stories you are telling.”

But the question is… How Can I do (as A Facebook) to promote and push this new service? So easy :-), Facebook just created a new metric that many social media managers and companies like SocialBakers have been tryting to define since the beginning. I’m talking about the VISIBILITY RATE (check prediction social media 2012 point 2).

Up to now, Facebook measured Reach as an absolute metric but not as a relative one. I mean, the number you see for Reach are people reached within the whole Facebook and not within your community / Facebook page.

Now, Facebook provides with the number of people reached but within your FB page so basically, How many people fans have seen your content? and this is for me one of the key metrics to evaluate. If you think as a marketer, you might first build a funnel and within this funnel you might define the different steps to qualify a fan. As a social media strategist, we should first reach users and make them become fans. Caring about engagement so loyalty will come later. Reaching users outside of our community is not as valuable as reaching members (fans) within a community because we keep a clue (they are fans) so we know who they are. Once we understand that, we will be able to first differenciate between fans VS non-fans and then between “Real” fans (reading, reached) and “dormant” fans. The next level will do with how many of these “Real” fans (at least reached) are actually engaging (Active fans). Check this social and sales funnel for a better understanding:

Funnel social media sales

Funnel social media sales

visibility rate Facebook

visibility rate Facebook

One Last thing and very important is the fact the two numbers you see (Reach + %) are not related. The Reached people refers to unique people who have seen the post across Facebook, and the percentage refers to your community (Facebook page). This last % is actually your VISIBILITY RATE!

I LOVE FACEBOOK! Great move!