The city 2.0 – The city I would like to build


Social media and the web2.0 is creating cool and inspiring stuff. After Did you know and Kony, I founded this video below pretty cool. Do you dare to create the City where differences between poor and rich communities will disappear and where leaders and experts will lead the thoughts?

To be honest I love the idea, It’s actually something that I would really like to be part of and I think that today, by using social media, any of this kind or projets are most likely to finally happen.

2012 TED Prize Wish The City

2012 TED Prize Wish The City

For this reason and because my main skills turn around Social media and Online Marketing, I would like to list some of the things I would improve to contribute my grain of sand:

– Don’t forget to include a link within the Youtube Video description or as a note at the end of it. You may be losing many visits guys.
– The registration process is not bad, but I’m sure there are aditional ways to pick skills automatically. What about a LinkedIn connect button?
– I’ve never received the confirmation email after the registration.
– Make clearer the difference between share THIS on Twitter or Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
– I kind of missing a MANIFIESTO
– The Facebook page is not finished (not cover photo, no strategy, etc.)
– Sharing feature must include other social networks booming now like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.
– No description and defined Hastags on Twitter!/TheCity2_0
– The web is basically not going once you registered. Only the video is showing and running.

I don’t knoe why but I feel City2.0 is another great idea which will not get viral because of an average execution. Big shame!