The rise of the Rest – Asia is Huge!


I’m sure most of you have already watched this video (2 years old) but I just knew about it this morning thanks to my presence at the Amcham Leadership Dialogue 2011 at the Regent Hotel in Singapore.

It has been Deborah Henretta (Group President Asia, Procter & Gamble) through an amazing speaking about leadership in Asia ( I really loved her idea – “Winning in Asia is winning WITH Asia”) who has opened my mind about this subject. Congratulations!

“Rise of the Rest is a term coined by Fareed Zakaria on the post-American world. It is not a world marked by American decline, but the rise of everybody else. The rise of China and India are the most obvious signs, but the Gulf countries are also remaking themselves beyond hydrocarbons and so on. China and India are big but they are not the whole story”

There is only one thing I didn’t agree with and it is that so often we use the term “Western Countries” when referring actually to US and “Asian Countries” to mean China. We have to understand the huge diversity there is actually in Europe (Put an Spaniard, a German, a British an a Bulgarian together and you will see 🙂 ) and of course in Asia.

Are you really ready for the future coming up?