Why videos go viral – Cool Ted Talk


Why videos go viral is one of the question I’ve ever tried to answer since I created this blog. If you remember, the first focus on this blog was fully related to explain and to understand how buzz and viral marketing works. Indeed, one of my top blog post (ES) has been “The formula of marketing viral. If you want to know more I recommend you to take a look of one of my top presentation about viral and new media marketing.

why videos go viral

why videos go viral - TEd Talk Kevin Alloca

Well, Ego out, I found yesterday this interesting Ted Talk ( a bit short) about why videos go viral and how Youtube works. Curiosuly, the speaker is Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trends manager, who tries to explain why some videos go viral unexpectedly.

The main keywords of this talk are Tastemakets, Community, participation and entertainment.

See below the presentation about marketing viral I mentioned above.

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